How Can an Orthodontist Fix Your Overbite?

January 13, 2022

Do you also smile with closed teeth? Do you also feel nervous about how your real smile looks? If you are showing your genuine smile or happiness just because you would be ashamed about an overbite problem. Then you need to look for the overbite braces treatment options. This will help you in the extraction of the overbite and give you back the smile that you are proud of.

Read on for more information about overbites and the treatment.

What is an overbite?

The problem of overbite occurs when the upper jaw and teeth intersect the lower teeth and jaw. The emergency orthodontists near me identified this overbite as a kind of malocclusion. The overbite might be horizontal or vertical as the upper teeth bulge out over the lower teeth. And many of the patients have both symptoms.

The overbite is also categorized as being skeletal or dental. A dental overbite is a situation when the teeth are in their incorrect position and the skeletal means the jaw that causes an overbite. These are the most dental messes in children.

What is the cause of overbite?

In many cases, it is a hereditary condition. As the children grow, this might be the jaws that grow unevenly. This occurs when the upper jaw ends up being prolonged with the lower one and the issues develop. If your child is sucking their thumb or any other bad habit, this will cause overbite problems. Also, the other bad habits like tongue thrusting and nail-biting will cause overbite. For all such cases, you need to immediately see the kids orthodontist near me.

What are the problems with an overbite?

Listed below are some of the problems that are situated with an overbite.

  • Speech Issues
  • Enamel Wear
  • Eating
  • Jaw Pain

How to correct an overbite?

The main common course of action while fixing an overbite is orthodontics. The orthodontics will first take impressions of the teeth to understand the upper and lower jaw before putting the best treatment into action. Further, seeing the critical situation of your overbite, they offer the treatment which generally lasts for long years. The overbite braces are the best option for your overbite problems. However, if there is a critical skeletal overbite, this may need a tooth extraction and even surgical measures to fix them. To fix an overbite there is no age limit and it is beneficial to treat an overbite in young children when the growth of their jaw is still going on.

How Long Does it Take to Fix an Overbite with Braces?

An intense overbite is the best and longest orthodontic situation to treat with braces.  Many a time, overbite is not the only problem either. The patients do have overcrowding or broken teeth, so there might be various issues to deal with.

Although each case is different for the critical overbite case, overbite before and after braces would be required for at least 2 years. When the braces come off, the retainer is worn to maintain the teeth in their place.


Hopefully! The above article has a clear knowledge of overbite and its treatment.  Further want to know more about this together with the overbite before and after braces pictures. Then look at our website and make a phone call to schedule an appointment.


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