How To Determine If You Need An Emergency Tooth Extraction?

March 2, 2023

Few situations are more unsettling than when your doctor’s office is closed, and you’re unsure whether you need emergency care, especially if the emergency is in your mouth. It is challenging to find a dentist at two in the morning for an emergency wisdom teeth removal despite the presence of 24-hour medical facilities.

It’s time to arm yourself with information rather than stress out. Even though you’re in pain, not all dental problems must be fixed immediately. Most of them won’t require emergency tooth extraction. However, you also don’t want to wait too long lest you find that things have worsened, contrary to what you had believed.

An Emergency

You might need to have the tooth pulled right away if the bleeding doesn’t stop. A permanent tooth loss or loosening constitutes an emergency. If your jaw hurts, the area is inflamed, or you have a severe toothache, get emergency medical attention.

If you are undergoing any or all of these issues. In that case, you should consult your dentist for emergency tooth extractions near me as soon as possible. It would help if you acted as quickly as your tooth is knocked out. After having a tooth extracted, immediately make an appointment with your dentist if you wish to keep your natural tooth.

A Non-Emergency

The following signs or symptoms suggest that you can wait until the dentist for tooth extraction near me returns to the office. We can stay on any missing fillings, bridgework, or crowns. It is not a medical emergency, even though you might feel discomfort until it is replaced. Even broken or damaged teeth can frequently wait. A cracked or broken tooth, though, might hurt quite a bit. Call your local dentist office right away and handle it as an emergency.

Although a dull toothache may be unpleasant, it is not life-threatening. Take a non-prescription pain reliever, such as Tylenol, to feel better and reduce swelling. Having food stuck between your teeth may be annoying, but floss can get it out. If you cannot wait until the dentist’s office opens, phone them. Like lost or broken retainers, misplacing a mouthguard is not an emergency but rather an annoyance.

Helpful home remedies

Before contacting your dentist to inform them that you might require an emergency tooth extraction, consider a few at-home remedies. These are helpful regardless of your level of discomfort or emergency. A teaspoon of salt can be dissolved in a cup of boiling water, and it is a warm, soothing mouthwash that might reduce swelling and ease soreness. If you knock out a tooth, DO NOT touch the root. Only use water to wash thoroughly. Try putting it back in its socket.

Until you can visit your dentist, put it in a glass of milk if that doesn’t work. Getting into the habit of flossing would be advantageous for everyone. It could hurt if anything is stuck in the gums or on one tooth. Flossing may make things better. An ice compress reduces swelling, stops bleeding, and numbs the area. If you have any on hand, use hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash. The removal of all microorganisms will reduce inflammation as well.

When to visit the emergency room?

Call your dentist as soon as you realize you need to get a tooth extracted immediately. Sometimes, for whatever reason, they might not be able to see you right away. If you can’t find a dentist or one can’t see you right immediately, don’t wait. So that they can help you go to the emergency room.


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