Baby- Boomers Love The Technology, Hate The Process!

October 20, 2020

Most baby boomers love new technology and they know the benefits of investing in high-tech products. Cell phones, PDAs, mp3 players, and other new gadgets enable us to keep in touch, share images and information, entertain ourselves, and learn. Yet while most baby boomers feel that the benefits high-tech products bring make them worth having, many also feel that keeping up with technological advances is challenging and frustrating. Indeed, few would disagree that these days, picking the best high-tech product for you is no easy task. After all, no matter what type of gadget you’re looking to buy, there are literally hundreds of models to choose from. And with new models featuring different innovations and extras appearing on the market every few months, it’s nearly impossible to even keep up, let alone find that perfect product. So what are baby boomers to do?

Baby boomers fall into two categories –those who are keen about new technology and enjoy learning about new advances, and those who like the benefits high-tech products can offer but hate having to constantly try to keep up-to-date. For the first group, technological changes and advances are exciting, and keeping up with new trends is a fun pastime. Yet for the latter group, which represents the majority of baby boomers today, staying on top of trends and the newest gadgetry is a frustrating, time-consuming, yet necessary chore. After all, baby boomers didn’t grow up playing Xbox every day after school in third grade. They didn’t go through high school with a cell phone in their back pocket. They simply didn’t have tons of high-tech gadgets during their adolescence, when they were forming their interests and hobbies. So now, when the world demands that everyone has an electronically organized schedule and that everyone be readily accessible via cell phone or PDA, many baby boomers are unprepared. They are forced to learn quickly or be left out.

So, what do baby boomers do to find the electronics products they need? They turn to their friends for answers, go to the big brick-and-mortar retailers, and they use the Internet to research their products. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to each of these solutions. A friend’s advice can be helpful, yet everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to electronic gadgets. A friend’s choice isn’t necessarily going the best choice for you. At the big brick-and-mortar retailers, finding unbiased answers can be next to impossible. Each store has its own agenda, and the salespeople are trained to push their store’s own brands. Additionally, unless you are prepared to drive around and check every retailer in your area, you can never be sure whether you are getting a good deal. Thus, many people have become disillusioned with big chain stores and are turning to the Internet for a more efficient, satisfying shopping experience. However, many online shopping sites are overwhelming and confusing for the average baby boomer.

Sites like are specifically aimed at solving this dilemma. is a simple, user-friendly site which makes finding the right gadget easy. The site features a product selection system called the TechSelector, which guides you through the selection process by asking a series of simple multiple choice questions designed to help you focus your search and get you thinking about the important features of each product. There are explanations, pictures, and diagrams to help you understand each question before giving an answer. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, the Techselector uses your answers to compile a personalized Product Report, which lists the best products for you. On the Report, you can see how each product measures up to your criteria, read product reviews, and view detailed specifications sheets. You can also see the prices offered for each product by different retailers, making it easy to compare prices and find the best deal. Finally, you have the option to buy that perfect product with the click of a button. And since the Internet is safer than ever, buying online is a fast, easy, and secure method of shopping.

Baby boomers want to keep up with technological advances and enjoy great new gadgets, but most don’t want to spend hours researching products and waste time at big retailers. For this savvy and intelligent segment of the population, online shopping has become the best way to find great products, yet most online shopping sites are difficult to navigate and can overwhelm the visitor., however, offers a new and exciting way to help consumers stay on top of trends and find products which meet their needs. At, emphasis is placed on helping consumers both to understand the product type they’re interested in and to find that perfect product. Thus, visitors to the site not only find great gadgets, but they also learn about technology.

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