Is it Weird For a Men to Get a Manicure?

June 20, 2022

Some might say that it’s not weird for a man to get a manicure but others might disagree. Mens manicure and pedicures are gaining in popularity though, but it can be hard to figure out if you should get one or not. If you’re considering getting your nails done but aren’t sure if it’s weird or not, these factors can help you make up your mind about the whole thing and give you the guidance you need to make an informed decision!

Why the hell would you get your nails done

The men manicure set can be used for all your needs, whether it’s at home or you’re going out. But why would a man get his nails done? A guy can use some maintenance too! I will admit that I don’t get my nails done often and more times than not they need trimmed before they look like they should but there are plenty of reasons why every man should visit their local nail salon. Having well groomed hands is important in today’s world. It’s one of those things that people notice and make judgments about your personality from looking at your hands. If you have clean cut hands and nails, people will think you’re professional and have good hygiene.

Where should I go to get my nails done

Nail salons in many big cities have begun catering to men by offering services like men manicures and pedicures. If you’re not in an urban area, there are still nail salons that offer these types of services. If you want your nails professionally groomed for $15 or less, look for small-town salons. When making appointments online, select mani/pedi for both services, then enter men in gender. On-site salon employees will know what you need even if they don’t see your name on their computer screen. Most nail technicians take pride in how good they are at doing nails; some of them will insist on doing all types of nails–even those attached to male hands!

How do I actually do this?

Many salons offer manicures in different varieties. If you want your nails to look clean and polished, simply book a classic manicure. Or, if you’re looking for something more elaborate, such as glitter or painting your nails in new colors, ask your manicurist about specialty services like gel polish manicures or shellac manicures. What’s more is that some men are even opting for nail treatments designed specifically for their gender—for example, mens manicure sets (Nails for You). This may seem strange at first, but nail care products just like these contain natural ingredients that will make your hands and feet feel clean and relaxed. So rest assured: There’s nothing wrong with getting a mani-pedi from time to time!

What kind of manicures are out there?

The problem with men getting manicures isn’t actually that they exist—it’s that very few men actually do them. Ask any guy and he’ll tell you: It feels weird . And awkward. And it kind of hurts . This discomfort largely comes from sitting for an extended period of time and trying not to move your hands too much, lest you mess up your nails in some awful way. The good news is there are ways around these problems.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with my hands now?

I’m glad you asked! First things first: use your smartphone. It’s 2015, people. Second, if you are an out-and-about type of guy (like me), but also like manicures, then you should consider investing in an all-in-one mens manicure set (i.e., one with a phone charger). I’ve been using one for about three months now and my hands have never looked better or felt more mobile. You could also get yourself something nice—but not too nice—to wear on your fingers! I know that some nail places have started offering quick mani–pedis for men where they do something like a clear coat over your hands or something similar.


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