Midtronics Battery Tester Is The No Hassle Choice

January 21, 2021

In the world of car battery testers, Midtronics stands out as the manufacturer of unique and cutting edge technology for the automotive industry. Midtronics has been producing car battery testers for 20 years and continually leads the market in innovation. Their products are even required for battery warranty decisions across the nation at automotive dealers, auto shops and car battery dealers. What makes a Midtronics battery tester unique in the market is the conductance based technology that it uses in its car battery testers.

Conventional car battery testers employ the BCI adjustable load test to measure if a car’s battery is usable. They measure the voltage drop when an applied load of ½ the CCA rating of the battery is used. In order for BCI load testing to be accurate, the battery must be at room temperature and cannot be discharged. If the battery to be tested is in a discharged state, a car battery charger must used and this adds considerable time to the testing process. However, Midtronics battery testers employs conductance technology that makes the process of battery testing much faster and a lot easier.

What is conductance and why is it so great? This is a common question we receive about Midtronics battery testers. Conductance measures a batteries ability to move electrical current through the internal structure. This method produces a direct relationship to a battery and its power. A tiny AC charge is sent through the battery that produces a voltage response. This is what the battery tester measures. One of the chief advantages to this method is that as a battery ages and corrodes, conductance can determine if a battery can still be used. Basically, what this means is an automotive technician can test a battery without waiting for the battery to cool down to room temperature or have to wait 6 – 24 hours to recharge the battery. With a Midtronics battery tester, the battery can be tested immediately and accurately because of the conductance technology.

Ease of use is another great advantage to the Midtronics battery tester. A manual load test requires a trained operator than judge if the battery is even testable. Also, the test must be performed accurately within the proper time and then the data needs to be referenced in complex charts. This data needs to be interpreted as well. By comparison, a Midtronics battery tester does all the work. Just input some simple data into the unit, hook it up and press the start button. Anyone can use and accurately measure batteries with Midtronics battery testers and it takes the guesswork out of using load testing charts and complex testing.

Another great advantage of a Midtronics battery tester is the car battery can be safely tested while it is still in the vehicle. All it requires is the engine must not be running and the battery terminals should be reasonably clean. A few conditions may make it necessary to actually remove the battery. If the terminals are located remotely away from the battery being tested, the battery can read weak on the instrument or if the battery is installed in such a way that you cannot correctly connect the Midtronics battery tester to it. In most vehicles and fleet trucks this is not the case and the tester can be easily hooked up to the battery without having to remove it.


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