The Fitness Planet in this Part of the Planet

September 26, 2020

It’s your first-time to enroll in a gym. Bothered by the grunts and noise other exercise buffs make in your other gym? Want to avail of a wide variety of exercise equipment at a reasonable price?

There’s Gold Gym, Peak Fitness, and a string of other fitness centers and health clubs that are opening up their doors for everyone. And then, there’s Planet Fitness. Planet fitness is a chain of fitness centers in the United States. Known for its ‘Judgment Free Zone’, it caters to the common person or the fitness neophytes who may feel conscious about their fitness needs and requirements.

The fitness club offers choices on exercise equipment and personal trainers who can assist members in their work-outs. There are a wide variety of machines aimed to build cardiovascular ability. Planet fitness centers offer a generally low price to its members. Those interested can avail of a $15 membership fee every month. Other perks of this fitness club is a Black Card membership that allows the member to use the facilities for free. There’s also a guest allowance per day, a 50% discount on cool drinks and unlimited tanning for those enrolled in their home clubs.

There’s a Planet Fitness Co-ed Zone and more private club for the women, the Women Zone. These innovations in programs offer a work-out package which includes a complete fitness assessment upon enrollment. In the assessment, the individual’s fitness needs and requirements are analyzed, and he/she is given an exercise prescription based on the results of the analysis. There are also ‘acceleration’ programs to speed up the individual’s work-out plan, based on the results of their initial work-out programs. And as maintenance is important, the club also offers private personal training sessions where members can avail of the services of personal physical fitness trainers.

On the other hand, the club underscores a number of exercise rules and etiquettes that need to be observed among members and users. The club prohibits compound barbell exercises like deadlifts and bent over rows exercises. Dumbbell use is restricted to a maximum of 80 pounds. The use of magnesium carbonate in heavy lifts is also prohibited. Exercise etiquette is strictly observed, which means no grunting, swearing or loud psyching up rituals. Excessive noise from bar drops is also prohibited. Members are warned of such violations by an alarm that rings every time a member breaks any of the rules.

And while some may see these rules as restrictive and ironic for a ‘Judgment Free Zone’, many are still willing to go for the club’s reasonably-priced program, wide choice of exercise equipment and the other amenities the club offers.

The choice of enrolling yourself in a health and fitness club or gym like Planet Fitness is really yours to make. Serious fitness buffs would like to avail of the amenities, the equipment, and the professional guidance that gyms like Planet Fitness offer. Of course, Planet Fitness tailors its services to the more sensitive, first-timers. But just like any other fitness and health club, Planet Fitness aims to serve you first, your body and your health!


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