Top 5 reasons NOT to attend ITT Tech’s criminal justice program

January 18, 2021

There are five major reasons that should dissuade you from attending an online criminal justice program offered by ITT Tech. They are:
1. Accreditation:
ITT Technical Institute is accredited by ACICS. While ACICS is duly registered with the federal government as such registration is mandatory, it is not one of the eight regional accrediting (RA) bodies that are funded by the US Department of Education and authorised by it to grant accreditation. As a result credit and degrees earned at ITT Tech are not recognised by most employers and by most good schools having RA accreditation. For example, most good schools will not allow transfer of credits earned at ITT Tech’s criminal justice program.
2. Under Justice Department investigation:
The ITT Technical Institute’s school of criminal justice has come under criminal investigation by the US Justice Department. While the Justice Department admitted in June 2005 that so far it has not found any incriminating evidence against the top management of the school, investigations are still going on regarding many of the local campuses of ITT Tech. Clean chit or not, the most important thing is why should an educational institute come under criminal investigation in the first place?
3. Under SEC investigation
The corporate entity that owns and manages ITT Technical Institute, ITT Education Services Inc has come under investigation by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). Again, the company has succeeded in getting a clean chit from SEC but the very fact that it had come under investigation should ring some warning bells.
4. High Cost
Most former students of IIT Tech state that they have found the institute to be expensive compared to others offering similar programs. Many current students also express their dissatisfaction with the institute in this regard as they feel they are not getting what they paid for. A majority of disgruntled students realised this fact after they had enrolled and begun their course of study. So, doing appropriate research before registering seems to be the ideal solution.
5. Quality of teaching
Another factor that goes against ITT Tech is the standard of teachers on its rolls. This is not confined to any one particular branch or location of the organization. Many instructors have been found incapable of addressing questions posed by students or solving certain subject-related issues. It is essential for the teachers to be good at what they do, since the students here are from all walks of life with varying levels of intellect and understanding. All those interested in entering the ITT Tech School of criminal justice should first check

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