What Are The Alternative Options For Root Canal Treatment?

March 14, 2023

When a tooth is damaged severely, or a cavity is not treated can cause infection in the pulp. The dentist uses dental procedures to treat disease at the centre of a tooth, and it is a safe procedure that can save your tooth.

A root canal is a natural chamber inside the tooth where the tooth pulp forms. This pulp has connective tissue, nerves, blood vessels, and lymph vessels, and it works to nourish the tooth and convey sensitivity and pain signals to the brain.

During the root canal procedure, the endodontist extracts all the infected pulp and nerve from the tooth’s root, cleans and shapes the inside of the root canal, and then fills the space and seals it so that infection does not occur again. After the procedure, the dentist will place a crown to protect the tooth and restore its original function.

Modern dentistry has Root Canal Alternatives with non-invasive or less invasive treatment options that can provide good results.


Extraction of a tooth is an alternative to root canal treatment. It is the last option when your tooth gets fully impacted, and there is no chance to save it, but extraction can save other teeth from getting affected. A dentist will try to keep the tooth and, otherwise, extract it.

Your dentist will consider placing a dental implant in the extraction area to give you a proper chew and bite. It keeps healthy teeth from shifting and helps to maintain their appearance.

Dental bridges or partial dentures can also be an alternative.

Natural Remedies

You can prevent a tooth naturally but with good food choices and a healthy diet. You need to remove the sugar intake from your diet and include high-quality proteins in your diet to keep your teeth healthy. Avoid eating junk foods that can stick to the tooth area and damage your teeth. Avoid eating hard foods that can crack your teeth. Adapting a healthy diet will not keep your teeth healthy but also your immune system strong. A healthy lifestyle is anyway a good choice. Add fresh fruits and vegetables to the diet to halt further periodontal infections.

Calcium Hydroxide

A calcium hydroxide solution can rinse the bacterial growth in the gums. Calcium hydroxide is alkaline and can remove all the remaining dead tissues and bacteria from the tooth. Calcium hydroxide must be allocated accurately with a syringe or a needle in the gums to stop the damage from its toxicity.

Direct Pulp Capping

The dentist performs this process when any part of the tooth pulp stays after removal by rotary devices.

Your dentist will apply a paste of calcium hydroxide to remove any remaining part of the dentin, and the dentist then seals it to see the formation of the development of secondary dentin after 30 days.

Direct pulp with cap treats the exposed pulp with dental material to help stimulate the growth of the dentin repair and maintain critical pulp.

Your dentist then fills the tooth after the pulp capping materials are placed. applied


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