What Are The Important Things To Know About Invisalign?

April 11, 2022

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that an adult orthodontics near me uses to correct the alignment of the teeth without the use of brackets or wires that are used in metal braces. Invisalign is a series of custom-made clear braces or aligners that cover your teeth gently and pull them into their correct position over time.  Because of their ability to be easily put on and off and their clear and transparent appearance, they are less noticeable than the traditional metal braces.

With the help of Invisalign clear braces, your teeth can be beautiful, comfortable, and precisely aligned half of the time it would require with traditional metal braces. Whether you are a teenager, an adult, or a parent exploring orthodontic treatment at an orthodontist near me for adults, Invisalign is an improved and discreet solution for those who want to improve their smile.

Can Invisalign clear aligners fix deep bites?

Deep bite is a common problem that the orthodontic dentist near me fixes all the time with braces. But how we choose to fix the deep bites will depend on how serious the bite problem is. If the patient only has a mild deep bite, then it can be fixed with the help of standard Invisalign aligners without any additional appliances or attachments.  In case, if the patient has a more severe deep bite then they might need to use some additional attachments and appliances such as invisalign bite ramps or elastics. Invisalign bite ramps are the triangle-shaped ramps that are placed on the Invisalign aligner behind the front teeth. When you wear this Invisalign, these ramps cause the back teeth to separate slightly, and over time your back teeth will gradually drift together.

Why should we invest in Invisalign aligners?

One of the greatest and best reasons to invest in Invisalign is how comfortable these aligners are to wear. Remember the teeth are shifting into a new position so it is natural to feel some mild discomfort as they shift or move especially in the first set of aligners. The pressure you will feel on your teeth when you first put on a new set of aligners will slowly and gradually fade over a course of a few days. If you feel any mild pain or discomfort visit the nearest Invisalign doctor site or dental clinic.

What are the major advantages of Invisalign over traditional metal braces?

Invisalign gives the perfect teeth alignment and it is one of the most popular choices among people who want a straighter and properly aligned smile. It has several benefits and advantages such as –

  • Because of their clear appearance, most people won’t notice that you’re wearing them.
  • Invisalign gives you a precise movement of your teeth
  • Invisalign is much more comfortable and easy to wear than metal braces
  • It’s easier to maintain good oral hygiene with Invisalign aligners
  • It saves your time, as with Invisalign it takes fewer checkups than visits than metal braces.


In the end, we can conclude that the above information tells us about Invisalign clear aligners, important things we should know about Invisalign, how Invisalign aligners fix deep bites, and much more. For further information regarding Invisalign check out ivanovortho.com


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