What is the right age for children’s braces?

April 28, 2021

At age of seven, children should have at least one orthodontic visit according to the American Academy of Orthodontists(AAO).

An early checkup is so important for children because it is the right time where orthodontic experts can catch some of the problems. This visit will allow an early treatment during the natural growth process. For example, If your child has an overbite, a condition where your lower teeth are being overlapped by the upper teeth. Then your orthodontist will tell you about the treatment without having any oral surgery.

Some kid’s orthodontist near me suggests early exams so that they can tell you about the orthodontic treatment that will need treatment later. There are some ranges of age where teeth should erupt irrespective of every kid’s growth. If your child is going through some problem within the correct range of development, only an expert can tell you about this.

In most dental treatments the age requirement of a child is between 9 to 14 years. To accommodate all the permanent teeth in the mouth your child needs that amount of space, which will be only checked by a dentist.

Why children need braces?

There are some reasons due to which kids need braces. These reasons including the overcrowding of teeth, bad bite, overlapping, and crooked teeth. If there is a difference between the sizes of bottom and top teeth, then this condition is known as Malocclusion. When the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw, then this condition is called an overbite. When the upper jaw is smaller and the lower jaw is bigger then this is an underbite.

During a regular visit, your dentist will be the first one who will recommend you to see a children’s orthodontist near me. Because this orthodontist will decide that your child will need braces and which device will be a perfect fit. It doesn’t mean a child will get braces right away if you have started the process early. The orthodontist will find the right time to start the treatment.

Types of braces

According to a pediatric orthodontist near me, most of the kids need braces with wires, rubber bands, and brackets. The wire and rubber bands are connected to the bracket attached to the teeth. Most of the time dentists suggest ceramic braces because they are less visible and most suitable for kids. Aligners are also available, which is a clear removable brace but they are only for some people.

Caring for braces

Once in a while, your child will feel uncomfortable because braces put pressure on teeth. After an orthodontist makes adjustments the pain could be a little more. Eating soft foods and taking pain relievers can help to get through this. If a wire is poking out from the mouth of your child or a bracket or wire gets loose then you need an immediate visit to the orthodontics clinic. Your child has to use some soft orthodontic wax to cover the spot inside the mouth if your orthodontist is unable to find a problem.


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