Can Your Child Get Braces If They Are Missing A Permanent Tooth?

February 1, 2023

There are many reasons a child may be missing their permanent teeth. But you should not ignore getting the braces. Missing teeth can cause many oral issues at a young age. Orthodontic treatment can help your child fix the missing teeth issues, and you can treat many problems with braces.

Braces are a standard option to treat many dental problems. To fix crowded teeth, misalignment, or bite issues. And you get a beautiful smile in the last. So if your child has missing teeth, consider talking to an orthodontist specialist in Florida about your child’s condition and discuss the best option.

Your child will naturally lose all their baby teeth by around twelve. In most cases, when a child loses their primary tooth, then new permanent teeth erupt. If the new tooth has not erupted with time, it can develop further issues. Visit your dentist and consult your child’s problems.

Your dentist will take an examination with a qualified dental provider who will confirm the reason for any child missing permanent teeth. A childrens orthodontist near me will likely explain these three options when a permanent tooth is missing:

  • Preserve the baby tooth
  • Replace the missing tooth
  • Or closing the gap of the missing tooth.

Replace the Tooth

A dentist can replace a missing tooth with implants or a bridge. But before that, should your child wear braces? Yes, braces with missing teeth are a good option for your child. Replacing the tooth after the braces treatment will be much better as it is easy to replace the tooth, and the mouth gets enough space for restoration. It is easy for the orthodontist to replace the tooth.

If replacing a tooth before the braces treatment can create problems, if there are already pre-existing bite or crowding problems, it’s usually better to wait for the tooth replacement.

Close the Gap Orthodontically

If a child has a missing permanent tooth and th child has crowded teeth issues, there is little space for tooth replacement. In this case, the dentist will ask you to get the braces treatment to align the teeth back to their position, and then the gap can be closed orthodontically.

When the teeth align, there will be enough space to concentrate and close the gap quickly. After having braces or removing teeth to provide enough space in the mouth, the dentist will replace the tooth. Visit your pediatric orthodontist near me and book an appointment to fix your child’s teeth issues. Your child will receive a beautiful smile.

Preserve the Baby’s Tooth

Some kids have inborn missing permanent teeth; in this case, the child’s one or more adult teeth do not develop, which causes the baby teeth to stay for a long time because the coming adult tooth does not yet initiate the process of falling out teeth.

Your dentist examines your child’s teeth and may suggest preserving the baby’s tooth if the tooth is in good condition and continuing with braces. If the tooth is not in good condition, the dentist will remove the tooth.

In Conclusion:

You should consult the best option with your dentist and which suits the best for your child. Choose a well-trained orthodontist in Miami and visit to fix the issues. Book an appointment.


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