How Are Power Chains Beneficial?

January 4, 2023

The brackets and the wires are used to pull your teeth and align them. These power chains are attached to those metals to apply more force on your teeth to align teeth properly. They are made up of elastic stretched, and shift your teeth little to place them in their position.

Power chains are mainly used to fill the gaps between your teeth and correct misaligned teeth and jaw issues. They are made from the same material used on the ligatures. These elastics keep the archwire to the particular brackets. Sometimes, the power chains can also be made of metal twists instead of elastic. power chains braces work intensely to close the gaps in your teeth. It is optional to have a power chain. You can ask your dentist if you need power chains. You can learn the benefits and more about the power chains.

What Do Power Chains Do?

The most common thing that power chains do is close the gaps between your teeth. Dentists use them because power chains can apply more force on your teeth than the brackets, and the processing time can speed up faster with power chains.

However, power chains are helpful not only for closing gaps but can also for correcting other dental problems, including:

  • Misalignments
  • Malocclusions
  • Crooked teeth

What are the types of Power Chains?

There are several power chains available. Your case will determine the gap between the chains. There are different diameters between the centers of each loop of the power chain. The gap between the power chain help to control which bracket the loop fits in. They can link at each tooth closing with the other teeth.

Your orthodontist will make the best power chain type for you.

Power Chain Colors

There are many color options for power chains, like traditional braces. You can choose the color that suits best for you, or your orthodontist will select the color that fits you better. Lastly, you have to pick the color you want to wear. Your power chain will get stains like a normal ligature. You can pick power chain colors like silver that do not stain and ask your dentist about the color.

How to take care of your Power chains?

Caring and maintenance are the same as for the metal braces. Brushing and flossing after every meal. Use a gentle brush to clean your teeth. Don’t avoid flossing. It is essential to floss your teeth; use the floss threader to floss or a water flosser to remove the food particles from your teeth. This will help keep the chains in place and clean, and you will experience less pain with gentle bruising and flossing.

In Conclusion:

However, if your chain stain, you can change them as you can switch them on every visit. There is always a different color option for chains. The power chain can help you with the treatment fast if you maintain good oral health techniques. For a pleasing smile, support a healthy oral habit and get all the benefits.

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