How Does LANAP Treatment Work?

January 6, 2023

Your LANAP periodontist near me will employ the Laser-assisted New Attachment treatment (LANAP) to target and remove diseased tissue. It eliminates the requirement for scalpels and the agonizing removal of gum tissue. In contrast, LANAP treatment near me offers a far less intrusive process and quicker recovery. The LANAP laser gum surgery is a cutting-edge periodontal operation that promotes the regeneration of the gums, the formation of new bone, and the reattachment of the gum tissue.

After the process, patients see excellent outcomes, such as decreased tooth loss compared to traditional surgery, as the laser targets and eliminates problematic tissues. According to Dental Clinic Near Me, advanced surgery is secure, barely intrusive, and post-operation discomfort usually is mild.

Do gums grow back after the LANAP procedure?

Gum disease may be present if you have noticed symptoms like swollen gums, persistent poor breath, recessed gums, or bleeding gums after brushing your teeth. Your periodontist will review your treatment choices if you are diagnosed with gum disease.

Gum line recession typically ranges from 2-4 mm, although it can reach 15 mm in situations of severe gum disease. When gum recession is this extreme, you could feel discomfort when eating or drinking, particularly when consuming hot or cold foods or drinks. You cannot resolve gum disease naturally. Thus, it’s critical to get treatment as soon as possible.

What is the traditional treatment of gum disease?

Surgery is a typical kind of treatment for gum disease. Your periodontist will use a scalpel during this invasive procedure to cut and flap back the diseased gum, scrape the bone underneath to remove the infection, add some bone material to fill in the areas that have lost bone due to the disease, and then use sutures to reconnect the gums to the teeth. As healthy gum tissue develops and the gums recover, they become closer to the teeth, gradually regaining their natural appearance and feel.

Can any dentist perform a LANAP procedure?

Only qualified and trained dentists can use LANAP lasers on patients. They undergo a rigorous training program that lasts a full year at the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry Near Me. Dentists instruct other dentists in the technique under close supervision and strict guidelines. They are given a LANAP competency certificate after the session.

Is LANAP dangerous?

Remember that any medical procedure contains some inherent risks. Your healthcare specialist will discuss the risks and complications with you during the appointment before beginning the process. However, the LANAP procedure near me employs a safe, FDA-approved laser that only engages dangerous germs. Radiation exposure or drug interactions are not a concern. Before the surgery, you might need to take x-rays, but the danger is negligible.

Do periodontists use any laser for LANAP?

Different types of lasers do different work. LANAP is a very specific kind of laser that periodontists specifically use to treat gum disease. It only targets the infected and diseased gums and destroys the bacteria while preserving the healthy tissues. Only this laser can be used for this procedure.


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