How much Effective is Vaser liposuction?

October 3, 2022

VASER Liposuction controls the latest ultrasound energy to virtually melt the fat and removes it gently. With smooth procedures and easy fat removal, patients often get better results than other fat removal procedures.

It’s moderately easy.

VASER Liposuction plastic surgery has the benefit of including only a few side effects and can be completed in less time than other surgeries. Your surgeon will provide you with VASER liposuction at the office. No need to visit the hospital.

The surgeon performs this surgery with local or general anesthesia, so dont worry about the high price of anesthesia.

The complete process becomes easy for the surgeon to operate when you are awake during the process. During the procedure, less blood loss occurs, and one can attain quicker recovery with the best results.

What is VASER liposuction?

Liposuction is a process for extracting shunned fat cells from your body. Patients opt for liposuction to remove the stubborn fat from their body that exercise or a healthy diet cant.

These fats usually collect in the hips, cheeks, thighs, tummy, chin, and arms. Liposuction costs may vary with patients’ demands who want liposuction in a particular area.

VASER is a process that uses ultrasound waves to split up and melt fat cells in the body, and extracting becomes easy. The surgeon uses a needle to remove the liquefied fat from the targeted area, which results in less damage to nearby tissues than the liposuction process.

What is liposculpture? 

Liposculpture is the procedure through which a surgeon eliminates fat deposits between skin and muscle.

It is the process that permanently reshapes the body’s shape.  The surgeon can perform it in different areas of the body wherever a person wants to, most commonly in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, and chin.

Your surgeon will perform it under general anesthesia. Another option is non-surgical or non-invasive liposculpture, which does not require anesthesia or, in some cases, only local anesthesia.

Fat grafting

It is also called autologous fat transfer. Fat grafting is appearing as a new breast reconstruction procedure.

In fat grafting, the surgeon uses liposuction to remove some tissue from other parts of your body, usually from your thighs, belly, and buttocks. The surgeon transfers the tissue into liquid form and injects it into the breast area to recreate the breast.

Fat grafting has been used or fixing minor differences in the shape, balance, or place of the reconstructed breast compared to the different breasts.

Fat grafting is a safe method as it does not require major surgery.


Taking Diet and exercising can be frustrating and time-consuming, and sometimes they don’t show the desired results.

Want to contour your body shape and eliminate fat that just dont goes away with exercise or diets? You can opt for any alternatives above that might be right for you. Suggests from your doctor for the best choice.

These procedures are worth removing fat from your body and giving the perfect shape you desire. Consult your dermatologist near me and discuss liposuction treatment. Contact and schedule an appointment.


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