How To Get a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter?

September 27, 2021

Surveys and studies estimated that the mental health of 25% of Americans is in bad shape. Most of them agree that their treatment plan involves getting help from a pet. With more and more recognition of the significance of mental well-being,  people are inclined towards getting assistance from a psychiatric service dog. As the famous saying goes, dogs are our best friends; having a service animal works as the best natural treatment for mental health issues. To ensure that the pet enjoys all the rights and freedom, one needs a psychiatric service dog letter. If you are dealing with stress or anxiety then getting a formal letter would be the best thing for you and your furry friend. So the question arises, what is this letter all about and how to get one?

What is the job of a psychiatric service dog?

It is similar to a service dog. Rather than serving people with physical disabilities, psychiatric service dogs are recommended to those with invisible disabilities like stress, trauma and anxiety. These dogs are skilled to calm their owner, help them to sleep, and feel better wherever they go.

Where can you take a psychiatric service dog?

With a psychiatric service dog letter, you can take your pet to public areas, including those places where pets are prohibited. So, it can be said that with proper documentation, you can take your pet to stores, hotels, restaurants, schools, libraries, beaches and other public areas. Additionally, you get to find accommodation where there is a no-pet policy. Not only this, if you have a psychiatric service dog letter then your furry friend is allowed to board an airplane with you and that too free-of-cost.

What is a psychiatric service dog letter?

It is a letter signed by a licensed healthcare professional. The letter says that you are diagnosed with mental impairment and you are entitled to have a psychiatric service dog that can accompany you wherever you go. This letter makes the owner qualify for disability laws and provides the liberty to be in public environments without the fear of discrimination. In other words, we can describe the benefits of the PSD letter as:

  • Federally protected rights to public access
  • No discrimination access to educational establishments
  • Travel privileges
  • Fair housing rights

How to get the psychiatric service dog letter?

The process is simple, seek consultation from a licensed healthcare professional and obtain the letter. However, if a professional is not approachable, another viable solution is to find an online service that specializes in psychiatric service dog letters.

These online agencies partner with multiple licensed healthcare professionals, and therefore they can quickly assess your qualification and can help you obtain formal approval. Right from the comfort of your home, you can apply and obtain the letter within 3 to 4 business days.

Why get a psychiatric service dog letter online?

A service dog improves the lives of many. However, without proper documentation, it might become a challenge to take your buddy to your college, a restaurant or on a flight. When you don’t know, where to go and whom to approach, finding an online agency becomes the easiest task. Find a trusted service provider to ensure that you get the following benefits:

  • Faster service: These agencies tie-up with multiple healthcare professionals, and owing to their vast team of experts, it becomes a breeze to get the letter on time. For instance, time-crunched individuals who have an upcoming travel plan can especially take the benefit of the faster service providers available online.
  • After-sales support: Despite the formal permission, sometimes you find it intimidating to deal with others considering you are talking about the federally protected rights of your pet. In such cases, online assistance comes handy as these services are often trusted for faster turnaround times and good after-sales support.
  • Safe & Secure: It is important to find an agency that is upfront about the fees and security protocols. There must not be any hidden charges or additional fees involved. Assuring that your information is safe and they adhere to the privacy protocols, you get peace of mind. 

Final thoughts A psychiatric service dog can be a lifesaver. To make sure that your four-legged companion is enjoying its privileges, get in touch with a trusted entity and avail your psychiatric service dog letter right now.

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