Things to know about Permanent retainers

April 26, 2023

Wearing retainers can make straightening easy and keep your teeth in position. Therefore, you should wear retainers to avoid extra costs. It is essential to wear them after going through the orthodontic treatment process.

Retainers are hidden devices nobody can see it. So, you can wear them easily without worrying about being seen, which may make you embarrassed. Soon you will get used to it, and your dentist will tell you exactly how long you need to wear them. With a permanent retainer, you don’t need to worry about removing and putting them again. They are permanent; only a professional dentist can remove them from your mouth.

How Does a Permanent Retainer Work?

Stretch ligaments hold your teeth to your jaw so that they can move. Your teeth can be moved into position with braces or aligners to improve their appearance or functionality. You must wear a retainer afterward to prevent the ligaments from pulling the teeth back toward their original position.

Your professional orthodontic specialist of Florida will place a permanent retainer. This wire is occasionally braided across the back of your newly positioned teeth. They use a special cement to fasten them to your teeth, and the wire holds them in place. The wire may only partially retain tooth alignment following orthodontic treatment because it is sometimes flexible.

Pros of a Permanent Retainer

Permanent retainers help keep your teeth in their place, a helpful device to keep your newly aligned teeth in position. Other benefits of a permanent retainer are:

  • They are invisible to others, and nobody can see them.
  • They will not impact your speech which detachable retainers can do.
  • Also, the last 20 years, whereas removable retainers may last only briefly.
  • You can repair them or adjust them with your dentist as required.

Cons of a Permanent Retainer

Some people want to remove their retainers frequently, and with a permanent retainer, it is impossible to remove them; only a professional can do it. Other disadvantages include:

  • You need to take extra care of your oral hygiene.
  • You may also have some irritation in the beginning when you wear them.
  • They may cost more than removable retainers.
  • It may be difficult to see the retainer if it is broken (until teeth are shifted).
  • Rushing to an orthodontist Hollywood if they are damaged or broken or need adjustment.

Who Needs a Permanent Retainer?

Permanent retainers are for people who don’t want to remove them again and again can place them. But for people who want to remove them as often, for them a detachable one will be a good choice if they can:

  • Remember to wear a removable retainer as directed.
  • If you want to avoid, your retainer being seen.
  • If you had your teeth pulled and afterward had a space closed.

After straightening your teeth, a North Miami Beach orthodontist binds custom-fit wires known as permanent retainers to the back of your teeth. Following orthodontic treatment, they will aid in preventing your teeth from shifting back to their position.

Permanent retainers are enduring; unlike removable retainers, you don’t need to remember to put them in or take them out. Another advantage is that since it’s hidden behind your teeth, no one can see it.

In Conclusion:

Keeping your teeth clean with retainers can be challenging, but you can ask your dentist for a toothbrush to use or a specialized flosser to use. You can also take professional cleaning from an experienced dentist. It will help you keep your teeth clean and healthy. Book an appointment with the best orthodontist near me to learn about permanent retainers.


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