What Are The Advantages of Invisalign over Braces?

March 24, 2023

Braces help solve problems like crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or misalignment. They are commonly used to solve dental problems. But they also cause gum irritation and cuts in the mouth that can cause pain. In that case, Invisalign is the best solution, as it does not irritate your mouth or improve oral hygiene. With braces, you may not be able to clean your mouth correctly because of the braces, brackets, and wires.

Modern dentistry has resolved this problem with a clear aligner. Invisalign is not easily visible as they are transparent. They are custom-made sets of clear aligners designed according to your teeth needs.

Invisalign can improve your self-confidence while talking in public or a meeting. They are removable, so you can remove them whenever you feel conscious. Invisalign offer many more benefits. Consult with your newnan dentistry to know more about Invisalign.

Does invisalign work faster than braces? Is Invisalign better than braces? You may have many questions. Let’s see why Invisalign is a better option.

Invisalign Works Faster Than Braces:

Braces take longer to fix your dental issues, whereas Invisalign can fix them in less duration.

When you first visit the dentists in newnan, ga, for braces, you ask how long it will take.

Whether admit it or not, orthodontics is unmanageable. Braces can change how you interact with people when in use. Braces are worn for upto 12 months to 5 years before a proper alignment, and Invisalign is much shorter than braces.

Invisalign has a duration of 12 months. Because Invisalign receives adjustments every 2 weeks, braces need monthly adjustments. This means you get a more beautiful, healthier smile every day.


People are primarily uncomfortable with braces that look like wires, and the brackets make them look unattractive. Metal in your mouth and popping up when you smile or talk.

Braces can make you feel awkward.

But the transparent design makes the aligner almost invisible and less noticeable. With Invisalign, you can smile without hiding.

You Can Remove Your Invisalign Aligners:

Braces are not removable, but aligners are. You can remove them while eating your favorite food or beverages. With braces, you must avoid eating every food that can stick to the wires or brackets of your braces.

People with braces will have to change their diet routine. Some sticky, crunchy, and hard foods are a big no for braces people because they can pull apart your wires and brackets and may cost more for the braces treatment.

This is not a problem with Invisalign. But ensure you wear them for 22 hours for the best results. Remove them while brushing and eating your meals without changing your diet.

They’re More Comfortable

Invisalign does not sore or pains your mouth, unlike braces. Braces have wires that can cut your mouth and irritate your cheek and gums.

Therefore, Invislaign is much better than braces. They are more comfortable than braces because of their structure. The primary material of Invisalign is thermoplastic. Invisalign has no sharp edges or pointy wires, making it more comfortable than braces.

So if you are looking for Invislaign as an option, talk to your newnan dentists to know more about Invislaign.

No Need To Visit Your Dentist Often

The adjustments of your Invislaign are made before you get the aligners. Your dentist will give you a set of clear aligners to change every two weeks with yourself.

You get fewer visits and consultations with the dentist in newnan. With Invisalign, less clinic time and more enjoyment!

In Conclusion:

With Invisalign, you can keep your oral hygiene good. If you want a perfect, straight smile, talk to the dentist in peachtree city for the best options and get the perfect smile you deserve.


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