What are the Common Issues and Precautions Involved in the healing of wisdom teeth?

May 12, 2021

The wisdom teeth occur after the age of 18-25 generally. Most people have wisdom teeth while some people don’t have wisdom teeth during their entire life. The wisdom teeth take more time to set as compared to the other molar teeth. After having your wisdom teeth removed, it can take up to 14 days to recover. During the recovery period you can go through this:

  • You may feel severe pain continuously at the place of your wisdom teeth.
  • There can be excessive bleeding.
  • A stiff jaw or sore jaw are also the side effects of wisdom teeth removal.
  • Your cheeks and mouth get swollen.
  • You may also feel the numbness of your tongue or lips.

What are common issues after wisdom teeth extraction?

Pain: Some pain is more than expected when you have been through the surgery. So, if you are also dealing with the same it is recommended to have the prescribed medicines. Please read and follow the instructions that are given by the doctor and strictly adhere to them. Initially, wisdom tooth holes are a sensitive area and treat tenderly.

Antibiotics: The patient could be prescribed antibiotics after wisdom teeth extraction and it is important not to be lenient into this to reap the 100% results from them. Before taking these must conform to the top orthodontist Miami as to whether they are suitable or not upon the final ascent start the course. The directions on the antibiotics should be taken as it is.

Swelling: swelling is not something rare that can come after the following procedure,  particularly after the wisdom teeth extraction, and depending on how severe the condition was, this swelling could be something serious to get assured talk to the adult orthodontics miami. Normally swelling stays for around forty-eight hours after the surgery is achieved. Give it around 7 and 10 days before going to the doctor. After completing the required waiting time, seek adult orthodontics near me if the problem still continues.

Local Anaesthetic: Numbness could be expected for 3 hours upon the completion of wisdom teeth extraction. It is obvious to be diligent that you don’t bite your cheek or tongue. And take a bite of food that is at an extreme temperature. You will not get any effect on that moment but once numbness is gone it can be painful. Have a word with the best miami orthodontist to have a better understanding of the same.

What precautions should take during the healing of a wisdom tooth hole

After surgery gets done or the wisdom tooth is removed, then at the place of the tooth, there will be the formation of blood clots. These blood clots will help in the healing wisdom tooth socket. This is why the formation of blood clots is an essential part of healing. Because they:

  1. They help to prevent too much bleeding.
  2. The exposed bone gets protected.
  3. It also protects the wound from infection.
  4. It allows new tissues to grow.

It is also important to avoid the tongue movement near these blood clots for the first 24 hours. Other than the movement of the tongue people should avoid the brushing of the teeth, rinsing the mouth, food that requires chewing and drinking hot drinks.


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