What Is There To Understand About Permanent Retainers?

October 18, 2022

Your orthodontic specialist of Florida may recommend retainers once your orthodontic treatment is complete with straightening and aligning your teeth. If you don’t wear retainers to maintain your teeth in place after wearing braces, the effects of wearing them cannot last very long. A permanent retainer is a single wire composed of metal or a sturdy fiber that they permanently attach to your teeth using a special adhesive.

According to the best orthodontist near me, this wire secures your teeth. Permanent retainers typically only affect your front four to six teeth and are more frequently used on lower teeth. After completing your orthodontic treatment, you should wear retainers for at least six months to provide optimum results.

What Could Be The Reasons For Having Permanent Retainers?

One of two major techniques you can use to place permanent retainers. According to orthodontist Hollywood, the first is to attach them solely to your canines on either side of your upper teeth, and the second step is to position them throughout your set of teeth.

For The Following Circumstances, You Might Permanently Link Retainers To Your Canine Teeth:

  • Your bottom incisors are tightly packed and significantly rotated.
  • Total separation between lower inter-canine teeth shifted.
  • They handled your condition with lower incisor surgery.
  • Managing minor crowding without excision of teeth
  • wide overbite

For The Following Reasons, You Should Have Permanent Retainers For All Of Your Teeth:

  • To fill in the gaps between your other front teeth, your top or bottom front teeth fit together.
  • After getting orthodontic treatment, your teeth could shift.
  • Before undergoing treatment, you lose teeth.
  • You had a teeth extraction.
  • Teeth were too rotated or crowded before treatment.

What Should We Do In Case Of A Broken Permanent Retainer?

According to a North Miami Beach orthodontist, the lifespan of an adequately glued permanent retainer is years. However, some people could require maintenance or repairs every few years. Some people will be more susceptible to permanent retainers coming loose. Several things might cause a permanent retainer to break, including the following:

  • Biting their permanent retainer or the area around it.
  • placing crowns or fillings on the front teeth
  • Having enamel that isn’t optimal for dental bonding
  • chewing on ice or other hard materials repeatedly

Should We Consider A Broken Permanent Retainer As An Emergency?

If your permanent retainer breaks, it is typically not a serious emergency or an orthodontic emergency. A frayed or broken wire or a change in one of your composite bonds will likely be apparent. However, if you notice something similar, you should contact your orthodontist immediately to have it repaired.

If it occurs late at night or on the weekend, you are free to wait until the next business day to have it rectified. You should be able to wait a few days for a repair if your permanent retainer breaks while you’re away from home. We advise against delaying the restoration of a damaged permanent retainer for several weeks or months.


We hope the above-given information will help you learn some beneficial and valuable details regarding permanent retainers. For more crucial information and updates, please visit ivanovortho.com.


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