Why Do Dentists Need To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

May 23, 2022

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars present in the far back of your mouth. Usually, they come in ages between 17 and 25, and you can spot them on X-rays. Orthodontic specialists of Florida may suggest you remove them for one of these reasons.

  • If they come out at a weird or wrong angle. They may press against your other healthy teeth.
  • If you have impacted teeth, wisdom teeth may not normally come because they are present so far back in the mouth.
  • If your mouth isn’t big enough. Your jaw has no room or place for an extra set of molars.
  • If you have gum disease or cavities. You may not be able to thoroughly clean your wisdom teeth with your toothbrush or dental floss.

What happens before, during, and after wisdom tooth surgery?

Before wisdom teeth removal surgery

You’ll need to meet with an oral surgeon to discuss the process. At this appointment, make sure you.

  • List any drugs you take regularly.
  • Talk about any health problems you have
  • Ask about any concerns you may have concerning the procedure.
  • Decide on the type of anesthetic you’ll receive. You will either be dizzy, numb, or sleepy during the surgery.
  • Take time off from daily office, housework, or school for surgery and recovery at home. If necessary, arrange for child care, pet care, or a ride home.
  • Wisdom teeth removal cost Miami can be pretty high. So consult your dental insurance provider, and see if your dental insurance covers the treatment cost or not.

During wisdom teeth removal surgery

Your surgery may take 45 minutes or less. A dentist at wisdom teeth removal Miami may give one of these types of anesthesia so you don’t feel pain during the removal.

Local Anesthesia

An orthodontist in Miami may give a dose of a local anesthetic to numb your mouth. They may also use nitrous oxide, popularly known as laughing gas, to help you relax or perhaps sleep during surgery. Soon after, you should feel alert again.

General Anesthesia

An orthodontist in Aventura Florida may give you medications through a vein or breathe gas with a mask. You’ll be sleeping the entire procedure and may not wake up for an hour or more after the procedure.

IV sedation

The surgeon will numb your mouth and prescribe medicines to make you sleepy through a vein in your arm. You may fall asleep throughout the operation.

After wisdom teeth removal surgery

Every individual responds differently to anesthesia. You may be able to drive home to begin your recovery if they give you local anesthesia. You can return to regular work or resume your normal daily activities. If they give you general anesthesia or you are still groggy, you’ll need someone to drive you home.

After surgery, most people feel little to no pain. You’ll probably have swelling and discomfort for the next few days after the surgery. It may take a few weeks for your mouth to heal fully.


We hope the above-given information helps you understand more about wisdom teeth removal. The above article discusses why dentists need to remove wisdom teeth and what happens before, during, and after wisdom tooth removal surgery. For further information regarding wisdom tooth removal surgery, please visit ivanovortho.com.


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