Why Wear Retainer After Braces?

April 11, 2023

Your braces treatment is finally completed. So, it’s time to say goodbye to your braces and say hello to retainers! Your best orthodontist near me will make you wear a retainer for a few months.

Braces help to align your teeth and create a beautiful smile. In contrast, a retainer maintains the straightened teeth to stay in position.

Why Is a Retainer Needed After Orthodontic Treatment?

A retainer is an appliance that keeps your teeth aligned if you don’t use a retainer after braces, your teeth will shift back to their position before orthodontic treatment. That is why the orthodontist Hollywood recommends utilizing a retainer to keep your teeth in place.

You may need extensive treatment to fix that problem if not used. After wearing retainers, your teeth will stay in their position, and the shifting will of your teeth will depend on how regularly you wear them. Consult North Miami Beach orthodontist for braces treatment.

5 Reasons Why Are Retainers Necessary?

Let’s see why you should wear retainers after the braces treatment is completed.

●    They Stabilize Your Bite

Once the braces are removed from the mouth, the soft tissue and bone near your teeth require time to stay in the position. The teeth and the bone slowly stabilize in their new place, and once this happens, there are fewer chances of relapse or having the teeth shift out of their position.

●    They hold space for new teeth and wisdom teeth.

Preteens and adolescents, whose bodies are still developing, often wear braces. Therefore, they will need to wear dental retainers when their wisdom teeth begin to erupt. When they wear the retainer regularly, the space in their jaw required to adjust new teeth, such as wisdom teeth, will be saved. Utilizing retainers prevents teeth from shifting or crowding due to a lack of available room.

●    They Avoid Receiving Care Reversal

In the months after the braces are taken off, the teeth will shift to return to their original positions. The turnaround can be avoided with a retainer. But based on your situation, you may have to use a retainer for several years.

●    They Align Your Jaw Bones With Gums

When braces align your teeth to a new place in your mouth, the gums and bones covering the teeth will take longer to adjust. Therefore, a retainer will help in quickening tooth stabilization and alignment.

●    They assist in keeping teeth in place.

It will take longer for the teeth to stabilize if you use orthodontics to close the gaps in your teeth. Even severely misaligned teeth, significant overbites, and underbites may explain this. Holding the teeth that need to be moved considerably or heavily repositioned in their new positions is crucial to allow the mouth to adjust to these changes. The retainer facilitates this.

●    For how long do you have to wear a retainer?

Following removing your braces, you need to wear a permanent retainer for at least 12 months on average and constantly for better results. Each orthodontic treatment is different, and your time for wearing a retainer may depend on the type of orthodontic treatment and the severity of your case.

In Conclusion:

Discuss with your Florida orthodontic specialist how long you must wear a retainer. Book an appointment now if you want to start your braces treatment.


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