Here Are Signs That Indicate You Need Urgent Dental Care

December 13, 2021

The medical care and assistance of an emergency dentist are most asked after for instances related to dental trauma. From tooth being knocked out, cracked, or broken from a car accident or sports injury to severe dental pain, bleeding gum, tooth filling, etc, you can get comprehensive dental services from an expert emergency dentist who takes immediate care, evaluate the problem with x-ray or ultrasound and restore the functionality of the broken down tooth or stop bleeding gum and go for further treatment. Not surprisingly, dental emergency visits in the US are fast rising.

Hence, you need to visit the dentist if you have any of the following issues.

4 symptoms when you need to look out!

Given below are some signs which you need to consider before having the dentist-

Broken or Knocked-Out Tooth

A suddenly knocked-out tooth due to an accident can cause severe trauma with a sharply paining gum line that bleeds like anything. Getting in touch with an emergency dentist immediately comes in handy in saving your tooth from losing it permanently. It’s one of the most common incidents entertained by an emergency dentist near me for 24×7 hours with due care and advanced management tools and techniques.

Missing Filling or Crown

Missing filling and unexpectedly tossed tooth crown due to aging, being unstable or slack, or simply because of a sudden hitting or slip and fall can happen anytime. While you can get the assistance of your family dentist during normal working hours, what if you face the situation beyond that period or on holidays and during weekends! You simply cannot wait until the clinic opens and the more you delay, it is likely to require extensive procedure equivalent to a root canal, high cost, and wearing.

Tooth Pain/ Bleeding Gums

From children to the elderly everyone suffers from toothache due to the dental cavity, dental decay, infection and the situation seems like you’re on fire. While unexpected and mysterious tooth pain may arise due to various reasons, don’t live in misery and get you checked and treated by an emergency dental care expert who is specially trained to go ahead and doesn’t require making an appointment. Similarly, bleeding gum is not unusual and is mainly caused by gum disease that happens to be more severe as long as you wait for a meeting with your family dentist after the weekend. Secondly, if gums start bleeding, till treated it won’t stop and usually appears with swelling and pain. Instead of further delaying, make a phone call and meet your emergency dentist and immediate management.

Cracked Teeth

A fractured, cracked, intrusion, or extrusion of the tooth is one of the most common sports injuries that athletes come across from a sudden strike on the face. Aside from professional sportsmen, even your kid may meet such a severe situation in the early morning while playing in school or the local playground. Depending on the severity level, an Emergency Dentist Near Me may suggest a replacement with an implant or dental bridge unless it is just loss of tooth enamel or a part of teeth which can be repaired with the newest restorative and cosmetic dentistry concept.


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