How do you Get Recovery from Varicose Vein Surgery?

December 14, 2021

As half of the population is dealing with varicose veins problems. And many of them are in critical situations which are healed only by vein surgery. As this was the only treatment left with the severe patients, they started to think about  “How painful is varicose vein surgery?” and in what ways they can recover from such pain of surgery.

Vein surgery is the only way to handle all your tangles, thick varicose veins on your legs. Several processes are there to help in curing your pain and enhance the look of your veins. Many a time, surgery is the best option to eliminate the varicose veins. Hence, your vein doctor must help you with the recommendation of some recovery tips.

Read the complete article to know more about the vein surgery recovery points.

Recovery tips for varicose surgery

Following are some points which you need after having a varicose vein surgery.

  • Skip your bath

If you are undergoing varicose veins surgery, then avoid taking a bath in a tub or pool for at least 2-3 weeks after surgery. Go with showers. It is perfectly fine, till your cured legs are kept dry.  You need to prevent the veins from getting into the water in or around the entry of your surgery site.

  • Wear the compression stockings

As we are aware, you do not like to wear compression stockings as they are not comfortable or fashionable. But for the fast recovery, they are suggested by the vein doctor.

  • Movement of  your body

You need to daily move your body for at least  30-45 mins. Also, the doctor suggests you walk or use the bicycle, oval cycle, or treadmill. At the same time, it is vital to avoid blood clots, at the same time it is vital to prevent heavy lifting for around 2 weeks after having the surgery. Further, this may lead to avoiding pain, brushing, and excessive bleeding.

  • Lift your legs while sleeping

Maintain the flow of blood passing in your hearts and encouragement for good circulation. Upgrading your legs at night also includes the stress off your veins and enables them to recover it more quickly.

Hence, these are some points that help you in recovering from varicose vein surgery. Now you are aware of the recovery tips, but as you know that quest of people never ends. So,  now what next question arises is what is a varicose vein specialist called? Now, put a glance at this.

Varicose Vein Specialist Near Me is Known as?

A varicose vein specialist is a doctor who helps in curing your varicose veins and the situation of venous insufficiency. Generally, the vein doctor should complete your formal training in the endovenous process while his or her occupancy and fellowship training. An expert and professional vein doctor will hold a training background in interventional cardiology or radiology, or vascular surgery. What you need to check while selecting the best vein specialist, here are some points to check before picking the vein doctor.

  • Check their experience and qualifications
  • Watch out their google reviews and ratings
  • See the treatments in which he or she specialized
  • Measure out his past patients while contacting them
  • The doctor uses updated and modern technology


If you have undergone varicose vein surgery, and are looking for recovery tips. Then the above-mentioned points help get the fastest recovery methods. Further, the article will also help you in knowing about the varicose vein specialist. Moreover, having more doubts or any questions then go and spend some time at our official website of


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