How long do temporary dental fillings last?

September 20, 2022

Exactly a life of a temporary filling can depend on the person, and sometimes the material dentists use in filling. Temporary dental filling can break down over time if you do not replace them on time as they are soft and can get damaged and fall out. They can last upto a few months or a few weeks, depending on the care you provide them. You can ask your dentist how long your temporary filling will last and when you should return for the next appointment for permanent fillings.

Eating har dor sticky food can bring its life down quickly. If you have them, you must take good care of them. The dentist fills the filling in your tooth to control your pain and give relief from the unbearable pain and sensitivity in the tooth.

A temporary Dental Filling Procedure can be an excellent option to preserve your teeth from other damage until the next phase of treatment is held. Your dentist will usually place the filling in a single visit, and it is less costly than dental crowns and can restore larger decay areas.

Reason for temporary fillings:

  1. There are various reasons for having a temporary dental filling. It can be a post-root canal surgery or a crown or filling. While a temporary filling will protect your teeth against most dental problems, the best thing about a temporary filling is that it will ultimately degrade and is not as durable as white and amalgam fillings.
  • The essential benefit of a dental filling is breaking the passage of decay, fixing the damaged tooth, and reviving its normal function and appearance.
  • Dentists use dental fillings to repair small areas of decay and help prevent further breakdown by providing an obstacle against damaging bacteria.
  • A further blessing of using a temporary filling is that they maintain most of the tooth arrangement while your dentist replaces the injured part of your tooth.   

Caring For Your Temporary Dental Filling

Temporary dental fillings need a little more care as they are not long-lasting as permanent fillings. You just need to take care of the filling, and you should ensure that it stays in your tooth until you meet the Dentists Open On Saturday for the next appointment.

Your dentist will specify some basic instructions to protect the dental filling from not pulling it, and the dentist may suggest you avoid some sticky and hard eating with that part of your mouth for some time after the session, as a temporary filling takes time to completely dry and set.

Bypass eating on that side of your mouth until you gain permanent filling. Relying on the material, chewing a lot with a temporary dental filling, and hard-to-eat food such as candy, nuts, and ice, can cause the fabric to crack or fall out.


To avoid such Dental Cavity Filling, you must brush and floss regularly to maintain good oral health. Consult a emergency dentist near me to prevent any damage to your temporary fillings and take good care until you get a permanent one.


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