How Long Does Knee Bursitis Last?

September 29, 2022

Knee bursitis is inflammation or irritation around your knee, especially in the bursae. It includes inflammation of a small fluid-filled sac, called the bursa, that resides near your knee joints.

Anyone can get knee bursitis; however, according to reliable studies, men between 40 and 60 are most likely to get bursitis. If you find any pain or swelling around your knees, you should immediately visit a Knee Pain doctor Long Island

What is a Bursa?

Bursa is a thin layer of tissues that sit between your bones and joints in your body. You have a bursa around your body, such as hips, shoulders, elbows, and ankles. Bursae exit lead to a reduction in friction and cushion pressure in between the bones and tendons in your leg. And all might get an infection and becomes inflamed.

Symptoms of Knee Bursitis

The leading cause of knee bursitis is repetitive irritation, trauma, and any presence of infection, even though there is various reason for the development of bursitides such as athletic injuries, prolonged kneeling, obesity, and osteoarthritis.

Suppose you experience any such signs, including swelling, warmth, redness, and tenderness around your knee, contact your Knee Pain doctor manhattan. It is mildly painful and associated with kneeling pain.

Steps to Treating Knee Bursitis at Home

  • The first step is the diagnosis and treatment of your condition. Initially, give a break to your knee from activity related to straining.
  • Prevent heavy use of your knees
  • Also, you can use some prescribed medication such as painkillers and antibiotics.
  • Some Over-the-counter medications also help you reduce your pain and swelling.

If you find no relief with these home remedies, visit your doctor for proper knee pain treatment Long Island.

How to Treat Knee Bursitis

This condition takes some time to heal; bursitis treatment or any treatment is often aimed at relieving pain and swelling. There are a few more types your doctor recommends to treat bursitis.

  • Your doctor might recommend some physical therapy for the treatment of knee bursitis.
  • Knee Pain doctor Jericho can improve muscle flexibility and strength, which result reduces the pain in your knee.
  • The doctor will recommend a surgical procedure, usually done when you have swollen for an extended period and are restricted from work. However, in most cases, bursitis doesn’t require surgery.

How Long Does Knee Bursitis Last?

The length of one’s knee bursitis may vary from person to person. With thorough treatment, your knee pain due to bursitis can be healed in two to eight weeks. Also, they’ll advise you on proper stretching, strengthening, and exercise for a speedy recovery.


Th health and condition of your knees are essential for your quality of life and help you move freely. Suppose you’re struggling with pain and swelling in your knees. In that case, you should consider visiting knee pain treatment Jericho for proper treatment and diagnosis of your condition.


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