What is an Orthodontist?

August 1, 2022

An Orthodontist is trained to analyze the teeth and jaw, prevent teeth and treat all the conditions of a tooth. An orthodontist surgeon mainly identifies a tooth’s conditions, rectifies the current conditions, and ensures that it doesn’t occur again. And they treat all ages, including children and adults.

What does an adult Orthodontics in Houston do?

Usually, an adult orthodontics Houston tx removes all the fundamental abnormalities from a tooth. The surgeon uses a fixed and removable dental device to operate the tooth. Dental appliances like braces, retainers, and bands are used to change the teeth or the position of the teeth in the mouth.

The basic abnormalities that occur include,

1.    The problem of bite, like an underbite or an overbite.

2.    A crooked teeth

3.    Maybe teeth that are far apart from other teeth cause some issues.

4.    Sometimes a jaw alignment.

5.    Crowded teeth.

Additionally, the best orthodontist in Houston intends to Improve a patient’s bite and jaw line and make the patient happy and smile beautiful, ensuring that the teeth are correctly aligned with even space with the opposing teeth in the jawline.

An Orthodontist in Houston corrects all dental problems of any age.

Why do you need to see  Houston orthodontists?

Misalignment or malocclusion is mainly the reason why you should go and see an orthodontist. It can be a hereditary or size difference between the upper and lower jaw or between your jaw and the teeth.

Malocclusion leads to tooth overcrowding and sometimes a jaw mishap or irregular bite habits.

You need treatment with dental devices if you are sorrowing from malocclusion.

1.    Braces or dental appliances

Malocclusion is generally treated by two types of braces i.e., Aligners and traditional braces when you have a malocclusion. Once you visit a dentist, they take a mould of your teeth to fabricate braces that are sent to a dental lab for the final design.

They use ceramic, metal, or plastic square bonds while crafting braces.   Your dentists install them to affix the teeth.  as a result, they apply slow & steady force to correct the alignment of the teeth.

Some patients may need headgear to align the teeth properly, done with pressure from the outside.

1.    Surgery

Sometimes a patient ought to require surgery to make the teeth alignment correct, and if the surgeon suggests surgery, it is severe underbite or overbite. A Surgeon uses wire, surgical screws, or plates to support the jaw bone.

Assure the best orthodontist near me before proceeding with any surgery.

Correcting a malocclusion

1.    It makes chewing and biting easy.

2.    Correcting a malocclusion helps improve your facial balance and your overall appearance.

3.    Bringing your speaking confidence back.

4.    Cleaning the teeth is more accessible and helps prevent tooth decay or cavities.

Orthodontic Consultation

An Orthodontic consultation may likely undergo with-

1.    The surgeon is going to ask about your oral health.

2.    Your face photo and a smiling one.

3.    Some panoramic X-rays of your face.

4.    And maybe some impressions of your teeth to make moulds.

All these basic queries will help your dentist decide how to proceed with your treatment and what orthodontic interventions are best for you. 


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