Whom Should You Consult In Case Of Back Pain?

August 25, 2022

According to specialists, back pain is so widespread that 80% of adults may have back pain at some point. In all honesty, it’s probably closer to 100%. When it comes to back pain, there are a lot of different factors, and what is causing it will determine how you can address it. Conversely, certain types of back pain can benefit from surgery while others cannot. For instance, back pain specialists nj may use surgery to treat a herniated disc (when the tissue between the vertebrae slips out of position).

Still, back pain specialists nj frequently use physical therapy, exercise, and anti-inflammatory drugs to treat arthritis of the spine. You might be able to treat a lower back strain at home with rest, stretching, ice or heat, and anti-inflammatories. An example of this would be lifting large boxes. Of course, you should seek emergency care from back pain specialists new jersey if you harmed your back in an accident or fell. Significantly if it impairs your ability to regulate your bowels or bladder.

With whom should we start the treatment?

You should first see a physiatrist if you have to visit a primary back pain doctor for a referral. The primary care physician for the back is a physiatrist. Physiatrists may have more specific expertise than a PCP because they focus on diagnosing and non-surgical treatment of muscle and bone problems. Even if you’ve already discussed your back pain with your family back doctor new jersey, it’s a good idea to see a physiatrist next, especially if nothing you’ve tried is helping.

Why do primary doctors refer you to a physical therapist?

Physical therapy for six weeks combined with at-home remedies like those suggested previously in the article is usually the first line of back pain treatments. Physical therapists can analyze your sitting, standing, and moving patterns and advise you on how to adjust your workspace and posture, for example. Additionally, they will build an exercise or movement program (especially for you) that will improve how your back feels.

Is there a need for MRI?

Your physiatrist will probably recommend an MRI if you have completed your physical therapy, but your pain has not subsided. With the help of a strong force magnet, the test examines what’s happening inside your body. An MRI can show doctors whether a nerve is being compressed. Whether it causes any damage to the cartilage or bones or whether another physical issue may cause your pain.

What should be your next step?

Consider scheduling a consultation with a pain management physician who has received specific training in assessing, diagnosing, and treating pain, if your pain continues despite the treatments you’ve tried. Some people may even further specialize in particular pain, like back pain.

The physicians who work in the division’s pain management are board-certified in the field and have obtained extra graduate training. The first thing they do is perform a complete evaluation and talk about how your pain affects your daily activities and life goals. Then create a personalized treatment plan. You can do exercises at home, and physical therapy may be part of this.


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