August 19, 2021

Picking the best cat scratching post for your cat can be a time consuming and costly endeavour. You may end up buying several cat scratchers that are not designed to meet the purpose and your fellow furry mate will absolutely reject them. Instead, he jumps to the favourite “scratching place”—your door side. You may decide that your cat does not understand the purpose of a cat scratching a tree, but more often than not they don’t like the gift.

One of the mistakes people make is to pick whatever they think is nice, the humans, rather than thinking about the kitty for whom we are buying. A little information can help you a lot in finding the rightCat Trees Australia. The trick is to give an option that your cat will love to claw and leave the couch for once and all.

  • Cats Like Long Scratchers

The scratching post should be tall enough so they can twist and stretch to the max. This indicates that your cat can stretch his body out fully and rub every possible place on the scratchers to get comfort. If cats have to downsize them to scratch, they won’t get the full benefit of stretching and comfort, and it may get discarded by the cat after some time.

  • Don’t buy cat scratching posts that have carpet underneath

Many cat scratching posts have the base of carpeting, and cats like to scratch it. However, it’s important to choose a post with a covering that is not similar to your home covering as a cat might feel it’s okay to shred and scratch the carpet of the whole house. The reason for this is to make them understand what is allowed to scratch and what is not. Plus, the carpet does not act as the most satisfying scratching surface. It is smooth and plane, and the loops tend to get tangled in the claws.

  • Sisal Fabric Meets The Need 

The sisal fabric material perfectly meets the purpose, feels excellent to cats, and shreds under their claws in the most satisfying manner. Keep in mind, an important component to your cat finding a scratch satisfying is literally ripping the material completely. To make this experience even more enjoyable, place the cat feeding bowls near the scratching place.

  • Angle Scratchers Are Great For Variety.

Another easy way to keep everything exciting for your cat is to provide some angled cat scratchers to help them. These posts give your cat freedom to scratch in any possible manner, and they are constructed from corrugated cardboard. Angle scratchers are designed for scratching positions that help stretch and use small muscles which were not getting stretched in a previous way. We have seen multiple cats scratch in the backward direction. Being able to scratch in every direction is the best thing for your cat.

We hope this has helped you to understand what your kitty exactly needs when it comes to picking the best scratcher. To see the variety of options look at supermarcat.com.au. At Supermarket, we provide products that are innovative, unique and most of all, beneficial to your pet. They’re also made to last; withstanding the scratches and bites of your pet.


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