Is Cat Litter Tray Necessary To Buy?

December 28, 2021

If the cat suddenly stops using the litter tray, this could signify symptoms of urinary tract infection. The cat could be looking to find a larger space to relieve itself as opposed to the small space provided by the litter tray because they are having difficulty urinating or are experiencing pain in the process.

Furthermore, the cat is likely to stop using its litter tray in case the tray is not clean enough. Cats are clean creatures; therefore, if the litter tray is full, they will consider looking for another cleaner place. If there are several cats in the home, it is advisable to consider one litter tray for every cat. Pet owners should make sure the tray is cleaned daily. You can explore such Cat Products Online.


What Are The Important Factors While Choosing Cat Litter Trays?

Nevertheless, it is important to train your cat to use a litter tray to urinate. As you Shop Cat Litter Box, you will discover that there are many types of cat trays available in the market. It is crucial to pick an appropriate brand. The factors to consider when choosing litter trays include:

Type of tray:

There are different brands of trays available in the market. Generally, there are four categories of trays namely, the open trays, basic trays, automatic litter boxes, covered trays, and cat litter mat. Many of the cats experience great comfort in using the open trays because they are user-friendly. Furthermore, the open trays give better ventilation. Although many of the cats enjoy the open trays, other cats love the privacy offered by the covered ones.

Therefore, it is important for the pet owners to observe the cat’s reactions because some cats may feel trapped with the covered ones. The automatic litter boxes make it easy for the pet owner to clean. Furthermore, the boxes are hygienic. However, in certain instances, the cats are likely to be frightened by the sound and motions of these types of trays. Therefore, some cats are likely to refrain from using the trays. Pet owners may consider activating the boxes while the pets are not around.

Size of the breed:

When choosing trays it is important to determine the size of the breed. Generally, people bring pets while they are young. Therefore, they often need to purchase new trays along with the development of the cat. However, from the perspective of the cat, new trays are likely to cause distress or unease. It is advisable to select trays by considering the size of the breed. For instance, the Norwegian Forest cats and Bengal cats are normally large breeds. When choosing a tray it is important to find one which is 24 inches wide, long, and deep.

Some Vital Facts To Consider while buying a cat litter box:

  • Cats are very particular about their toileting routines, therefore, buy a suitable cat litter tray to do their business privately and happily. You can buy a modern cat litter box to offer the desired privacy. It will be a suitable option to choose from. Just buy the right-sized cat litter box for your cute friend to make him happy and healthy.
  • Cats are very private by nature when it comes to toileting habits. So, you are advised to put the litter trays in a private or quiet area of the house. Don’t disturb your pet cats while they are involved in toilet activities.
  •  Clean your cat tray on a regular basis and replace the litter at least once in a while. If the cats find the litter trays dirty, they will prefer to poop on the floor.

Pet owners should always use safe cleaning products for their cats because any strongly scented cleaning product may force the cat to avoid litter trays to fulfill their toilet needs. If you love your furry friends, make sure you are offering everything to make them happy and active. Also, offer your pet the right Cat Training And Clean Up to feel them energetic always.


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