Why it is Important to Have Cat Toys and Cat Collars for Your Cat?

October 7, 2021

Cats are naturally curious, enjoy their instincts to hunt and stalk, and are very playful. They will often occupy themselves but if you don’t provide them with toys, then they can use household furniture and other items to do so.

What are the different cat toys you can use for cats?

We mentioned below some good toys that you can buy for your feline. Kittens enjoy playing with toys so here are some:

1. Bag or ball- Cats will surely love this. Aside from the aroma of the toy, they will love going after this toy. They can beat it, scratch it, chase it and even bite the toy. Pushing and running after the ball will exercise those overweight and lazy cats. Pet owners will surely love this toy as it will keep cats active, busy, and happy. This toy is also useful in cat training.

2. Mouse toy- One of the eternal favorite cat toys for cats is the fluffy mouse. This draws out their hunting senses and will be incredible to pursue around the floor and move around the house. Don’t be surprised to see the cat picking up the toy by the tail if they have tails on them and throwing it around the room to have an excuse to pounce on it. This is copying their behavior in the wild where they often play with their prey before killing it.

3. Catnip plant- This would be the best gift for a cat. The catnip will always attract the cat to it. It is a small plant and the cat will love rolling over it. Aside from feeling great because of the aphrodisiac effect of the catnip on plants, the cat will love its moment outdoors.

4. Feathers- With cats, feathers are another hit as this stimulates their instinct to catch and kill birds. Cat toys Australia, for example, bunches of feathers on a stick are an incredible method to play with your feline while keeping your hands far removed and staying away from an inadvertent scratch.

5. Battery-operated toys- This is yet another type of toy that can be considered interactive. An example is the laser toy. It’s only a small spotlight with an amazing red dot inside working on batteries. This toy transmits a red dot. Move the dot around on the floor and most felines will go off the deep end pursuing it.

What is the need for cat grass?

Cat grass benefits your kitty’s life by helping her digestive system in addition to provide enjoyment. Folic acid is present in this grass which aids the bloodstream in the cat.

What is the need for cat collars?

By law, cat collars and identification are essential and all cats need them. Today, identification technology has moved away from the cat collars and tags towards microchipping which involves the insertion of a small microchip under the animal’s skin.

Today, many cat owners will use microchipping and cat collars to ensure their pet is returned if it gets lost. If your cat does not have the identification you may get a fine from your local council. As opposed to a form of identification, the variety of cute cat collars available today is huge and shows that cat collars today have become a fashion accessory.

If you want to buy cat grass, cat toys, and cat collars you can get them from a cat shop online for your cat. You can watch your cat falling in love with these toys easily!


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