What Is The Best Cat Litter Tray For Your Feline Friend

January 29, 2022

Having a pet cat is like having your own child. Since you adore your cat, you will definitely try your best to offer only the best products to your cutie friend.  One way to do this is by choosing the best litter box for it.  Not all litter boxes are the same, so you must be able to choose well from the various available products in the market. 

Consider The Box’ FeaturesVarious features should be checked and examined when selecting your kitty’s box.  These characteristics consist of materials, style, size, transparency, vent, durability, cost, automation, and product guarantee. Shop Cat Litter Box from an authentic cat products store.

What Is Ideal For Your Pet?

The ideal Cat Litter Tray is of course one that your cat likes the most. While buying a litter box, your choice does not matter at all because if the cat does not like to use it, then it is worthless.  It must be consistent with your preferred litter. It must be comfortable to clean.  It should be tough-wearing, with proper vitality and ventilation.  Its size should adjust the size of your furry friend.  For kittens roughly three inches in height, you would need a shallow litter box while for adult cats more than six inches, you have to buy a deeper litter box.

There are five basic designs of Cat Litter Trays.  Each design offers its own pros and cons.

Basic Flat Box (some come with a rim):  This is the traditional cat litter box, a rectangular pan made of plastic.  It is the cheapest and is available in many depths and sizes.  It is easy to clean and is the preferred design of most cats.  An added rim will secure the box liners.

Covered/Hooded: These are standard rectangular pans that contain a hood for cover.  A doorway is set at one end for access and departure. The hood is usually made higher to adequately accommodate a cat whether it is sitting or standing.  The hood serves for privacy and for preventing litter to be pawed out of the box.  Some boxes have poor ventilation while others are affixed with ventilation. If you are choosing this type, make sure it is big enough for your pet and its hood is easy to maneuver so you can easily clean it.

Self-cleaning (Automatic Cat Litter Box): These Cat Litter Trays function electrically.  A timed sensor is activated several minutes after the animal has left it. Once you activate it, the cleaning cycle starts: a rake will slide to the litter and scoop feces and urine toward a well.  The drawback is that the rake is unable to get all the dirt making it clogged sometimes.  These boxes are costly and come with a one-year warranty only.

Hidden Box: These are designer potties that mask themselves as a plant or as furniture. The placing of a cat litter tray matters to a cat. It needs some tranquil and secret space to do its thing so you should put it in less traffic area.  Look for large, helpful, and well-breezy designs. 

Sifting Box: The standard model comes with two rectangular pans with one sifter tray. One box is atop the other with the sifting pan set inside the pan at the height.  You will have to flow the litter over the sifting tray. To clean it, you should remove the two pans; lift the tray to remove wastes.

Train your pet cat to do a potty job in the correct manner with the help of the right cat litter trays and keep your home fresh and clean.  A cat litter tray is one of the recommended Cat Products Online to keep your cat happy and healthy.


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